Pisces Zodiac Sign Personality And Traits

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)


The Pisces is like the grandfather of all sun signs – it is the twelfth one and hence carries with it the qualities of all signs – it has the Virgo’s attention to detail, Libra’s fairness and detachment as well as its love for all things pleasurable, they carry a Cancerean’s wild side as well as their love of cribbing; they show the Sagittarian’s honesty and generosity and can be like the extroverted Leo; Aries idealism and enthusiasm, Capricorn’s sense of duty and envy of social distinction, a tendency to analyze and tease like the Aquarians, Gemini’s quickness and wittiness, and a tendency to be calm and lazy like the Taureans.

Pisceans look at the world through their rose-colored glasses and are usually the last ones to acknowledge the seamier side of life. It is very difficult to get a violent or even non-violent stir out of a Piscean. They take everything in their stride and being more aware than anyone else of this life’s transient quality, they are determined to not get swept up in the frenzy of acquiring material possessions or anything so flighty. The fish, as is the symbol of Pisces, is not meant to be put in aquariums. They hate to be confines into anything, be it a nine-to-five job or the drudgery of everyday living.

A Piscean will find routine stifling and will frequently slip under the water and lose its mind into sub-conscious dreaming. Once they fall in this trap, however, they can easily lose their grip on reality. To stay grounded, the Pisceans needs a sort of a routine that they can willingly follow. The Key planet of Pisces is Neptune, its colors are lilac and sea green, and the element is water. The stones associated with Pisces are bloodstone and cat's eye. It rules the twelfth house of the horoscope, which is the house of subconscious and its corresponding tarot card is The Moon.


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