Pisces Woman Personality And Traits

Pisces Woman

The fish woman is every man’s dream girl. She is demure, pretty, happy and thinks the world of her man. She never has any desire to overshadow her man in any way. All she needs is caring and protection. She is content laying her head on her man’s shoulders and sighing deeply, declaring how lucky she is for having found her strong, protective partner. The Piscean woman just adores the man in her life and can talk about him for hours together.


Because a Piscean woman gets completely wrapped up in her man, it does not mean that she is follows men like a puppy – she only lets it appear that way. She has mastered the arts of subtlety and deception. Most female fish are capable of completely wrapping guys around their fingers. She is sentimental and is easily hurt. The Piscean woman is utterly feminine and never to compete with any men in her life – be it her father, brother or lover! She is the cozy, soothing feeling personified; just talking to her is relaxing! She is soft, dreamy and all-things-girly. If not treated well, she turns into a bitter shrew, who keeps swimming all over the world to find a quiet corner in the sea where she can hide.

The Piscean woman needs to be careful about falling into the trap of living in the world of illusions and not taking any action. The Piscean woman appears fluttery, vague and fragile to people around her. They believe that she will be easily shaken and will not be able to cope with the hardships of life. Nothing could be further from the truth. These Neptunian woman turn out to be better money managers that most accountants and cope with all harshness dealt by life with amazing calm and fortitude. This one can adapt, and can take to any situation like a fish does to water!


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