Pisces Man Personality And Traits

Pisces Man

Sensitive, unselfish, unworldly and genuinely sympathetic, Pisceans are the old souls of the Zodiac world. Being a water sign, they are intuitive and imaginative. A Piscean man exists in a world different than others also in a way that is different than others. They can look at their lives from outside and actually be a witness to this huge role-playing game going on this planet.


This Neptune man is a dreamer, he is sensitive and perceptive towards his partners needs and romance with him is never dull. His world of fantasy is enough to keep his partner scintillated and interested. But be aware of his tendency to linger over a glass of wine or the evening light. He will be busy dreaming while opportunities will pass him and he will fail to recognize them even with them practically falling at his feet. However, once a Piscean man has decided that he has to swim at the top of the ocean, all his gifts align and this coupled with his inherent intuition, takes him to the heights of success and even glory.

The Piscean man is an artist in all spheres of his life. His rosy outlook towards life makes him an optimist to a fault. His refusal to admit to even the existence of anything unpleasant sometimes makes them inert and non-reactive. This does not in any way mean that a Piscean man is weak.

Once he decides on a course of action, he is an unstoppable force of nature, like Neptune himself. The Piscean man tends to keep his best interests at his last priority. He is always solving the problems of his family and friends. After all, who can be more sympathetic than the Neptunian man? He can also be a little prone to accidently sharing secrets and his complete inability to be shocked at anything might annoy some people.


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